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What to wear to a wedding: a style guide for guests

Receiving a wedding invitation can stir a mix of emotions – excitement paired with the dilemma of what to wear. Modern weddings, with their diverse themes and locales, often leave guests pondering over appropriate attire.

Couples nowadays are breaking conventions, choosing settings that range from casual courthouse ceremonies to exotic destination events, and even traditional black-tie affairs (think Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber). This diversity in wedding styles translates into an equally varied dress code for guests.

A summer celebration might call for light, floral dresses, while a winter wedding may demand deeper, jewel-toned attire. And let’s not forget the practical aspect of dressing for cooler weather – think long sleeves or a stylish jacket to drape over your shoulders.

Fashion brands like Zimmermann, SIR, Aje, and Rachel Gilbert offer an array of choices, catering to every style – from vibrant prints and colors to sleek, minimalist designs. Here’s an essential guide to dressing impeccably for any wedding you might attend.


Regardless of the wedding's setting or theme, some universal rules should guide your outfit choice:

1. Avoid White: Steer clear of white or similar shades. It's safe to avoid any potential misstep of overshadowing the bride. Opt for soft pastels like pink, blue, or yellow if you're inclined towards lighter shades.

2. Length Matters: For dresses, anything knee-length or longer is a safe bet. If dresses aren’t your style, consider chic jumpsuits or pantsuits – unique and practical alternatives.

3. Balance Casual and Formal: It's usually better to err on the side of slightly overdressed than too casual. Choose outfits that are stylish yet respectful of the occasion's gravity.

4. Don't Overdo It: While staying away from overly casual wear, also avoid going to the extreme end with overly formal attire like ball gowns, unless the wedding theme calls for it.


5. Embrace Color: Weddings are celebrations, making them the perfect occasion to wear vibrant and cheerful colors.


Dressing for Specific Wedding Settings:


- Beach Weddings: Opt for lighter, flowy fabrics and perhaps a pair of stylish sandals or flip-flops.
- Garden or Outdoor Weddings: Floral prints and summery dresses are ideal, paired with comfortable footwear for easier movement.
- Formal Indoor Weddings: Elegance is key – think sophisticated dresses or smart suits, accented with tasteful accessories.

Remember, weddings are joyous occasions to celebrate love and union. Your outfit should reflect the happiness of the event while being considerate of the couple's chosen theme and setting.

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